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30 March 2018

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22 June 2018

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Western Cape Government

The Western Cape Government prides itself in leading service provision for its 5.8 million provincial population. The Departments have an excellent track record of having the best population outcomes in the country, operate within the allocated budget and have received excellent audit results. These achievements are due to the dedication and commitment of the staff as well as leadership from the management of the Province.


Western Cape Department of Health

The Western Cape Department of Health has embraced the values of the Province in its provision of healthcare and leads its vision for the provision of person-centred quality healthcare for all in its strategy as outlined in the Healthcare 2030 document. The implementation of this strategy will require leadership that is dynamic, inspires change, provides strategic direction, builds cohesion and motivates people. This, together with a focus on living the core values of the department, will result in services that are patient centred, quality driven and continuously learning.


Groote Schuur Hospital

Groote Schuur Hospital is one of two tertiary/quaternary hospitals functioning as part of the Western Cape Department of Health, providing specialist and subspecialist services mainly to the population of the Western Cape, but also to the rest of the country where such services are not available. Situated at the foot of the idyllic Table Mountain, this iconic hospital opened in 1938 and became world renowned in 1967, when the world’s first heart transplant was performed by Dr Christiaan Barnard. Another milestone reached is the hospital’s 80th birthday in 2018. The hospital is integrally linked to the University of Cape Town’s Faculty of Health Sciences as it’s teaching platform for medical professionals. It has grown from strength to strength and has had many other innovations to become a center of excellence and a leader in healthcare and research.

The hospital is hosting this conference on behalf of the Western Cape Department of Health, but would like to include learnings not only from the health sector, but all other business sectors as well.